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3 Hot New PRO Features

VidEngagr Pro includes 3 hot new features that you can add more power to your Campaigns

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Time Defined Elements That Will Rock Your Conversions...

You know when you are watching a webinar, and at a particular spot during the session, a Buy Now button appears below the video, at a perfect time?

It is like it was planned and you just want to click on it.

Well, that is what a “Time Defined Element” is.

You can use this feature to add any content under the video, in order to display at a specific time frame.

Just like that webinar Buy Button!.


Easily add in HTML or IMAGE Banners anywhere!

The second hot feature allows you to place any html or image banner Ads inside the video area.

This allows you to really monetize the videos you are using in your campaigns.


Custom Custom Custom..... 

Lastly, the 3rd new Pro feature is the ability to customize the Video Player itself.

This is important if you want to keep things consistent on your sites, including colours, and style.

You can now even add in custom thumbnails as well as adjusting the look of the Play button itself!

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